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She's our mascot and will help guide you towards understanding what jobs exist and how to get into them.  You can learn more about her background by visiting the About page.


To help you figure out what careers exist, what jobs are possible, how to get into them and, maybe most importantly, what you're getting yourself into.


For your next career, you may want more flexibility, more purpose, a sense of belonging, more influence or more autonomy.  It's time for your work to fit your life, not the other way around.

What People Are Saying

  • Being part of the membership is really helping me organize my thoughts and define my direction. The homework after each video module helps and I find myself thinking, 'Ah..that's a really good way to help me communicate better!'"
  • I could just be doing this all day without stopping.  That's what I want to think when I'm in my next career.  Of course, I need money, too.  With this membership, I was able to see all the different options and figure out how to focus on the careers that were right for me.  I didn't even know some of these things existed!
  • I remember thinking, 'I have this great career; I'm making tons of money; how can I not be happy?'  But I wanted out as soon as I could find something else that suited my interests and abilities, and which would enable me to meet my financial commitments. I didn't want to take the first thing that came along either, and then find myself as unhappy and unfulfilled as I was in my prior job.
    Nick L., MD

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